Brazilian Rosewood Sticks

We're assisting our friend and fellow toolmaker Konrad Sauer @sauer_and_steiner in getting a portion of his vintage rosewood collection in the hands of interested parties. Since the market for this wood is primarily in the United States, Konrad wanted a convenient shipping point so buyers didn't have to hassle with importing and the associated headache that entails. All the importing paperwork and associated legalities have already been accomplished by Konrad and us (they were significant!). You can buy this wood with ease and without worry. A receipt can be issued with the import and export permit numbers for CITES, upon request.

Konrad probably knows more about what makes quality rosewood than anyone in North America. This stock is simply the cream of the crop. This is a rare opportunity to get your hands on some spectacular Dalbergia Nigra from a legendary toolmaker's private stash. We should add that we're assisting Konrad in this effort purely as a matter of convenience so he has a distribution point in the states. We're not involved financially.

The sticks are availible in 12, 16, 20, and 24 inch lengths. They are approximately 1-1/16” square.

The sticks were sorted when they were shipped from Canada to the United States. These were all cut at the same time (1966), but are not matching sticks from one piece to another - they would have come from multiple original sources (planks). Pieces will be pulled at random and packaged and shipped - we will not be color or grain matching. Some sticks may not be perfectly straight - there may be a slight curvature that would have happened during the drying process.










Email Konrad to place your order

Shipping & Insurance

Flat rate shipping anywhere in the US

$18 holds up to 20 sticks

Optionally add insurance to the sum of your order

$500 for $6

$1000 for $12