Our panel icons are created using the finest materials. Top quality, high pigment-content acrylic paints are employed. The backgrounds of all panel icons are gilded with 23 karat German gold leaf (for a more economical icon, backgrounds may be painted blue—haloes are always gilded). The panels we use are made of Baltic Birch plywood. It contains no softwoods. This is the best quality material for icon boards. It is stronger and and more stable than solid wood or composite materials. All surfaces of the icon are sealed (varnished) after completion.

Virtually any size is available. Panels can be created with raised borders, which are gilded, and can also be made in different shapes such as arched-top, or even round panels.


Murals are painted on high-quality canvas in our studio using the same high pigment-content acrylic paints which provide vibrant colors and extreme durability and longevity. Our methods are of such quality that murals can even be exposed to direct sunlight without deterioration.

Icons are attached to the walls using special adhesives. The edges of the canvas are blended into the surrounding area with plaster so the end result is as if the icon was painted directly on the surface. Because the majority of the work is completed in studio, the church is only disturbed for a short time during installation. A dramatic change occurs in the church in a matter of hours, rather than months.


Mr. Jameel Abraham, iconographer at Mt. Sinai Orthodox Church Products, was born and raised in the Orthodox Church. The son of a priest and the grandson of an accomplished chanter, Ibraheem Abraham (from whom he learned the art of Byzantine chant), Mr. Abraham's iconographic interest began at the age of 12. At the age of 19, Mr. Abraham studied at a monastery dedicated to this sacred art.

He works strictly in the Byzantine style, using prototypes primarily from the Cretan School. He is also influenced by works from the Macedonian and the Paleologan Schools as well as the work of the ever-memorable master-iconographer Photios Kontoglou. Mr. Abraham has worked for several churches and monasteries in the United States, as well as for many individuals in America and abroad.

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