" And then there's the Benchcrafted Tail Vise, which I have had on my personal bench at work now since 2008. I cannot imagine working without it. It is simple. It moves swiftly in and out. And it clamps things like a Rottweiler on red meat. And at the same time, it is a subtle instrument, capable of clamping your work without distorting it."

"What about the Benchcrafted? I think it's for those of us who have tried other workholding options and have not been satisfied for some reason. The Benchcrafted will liberate you from traditional forms. It is compact, elegant and robust."

"The Ultimate Tail Vise"

Schwarz on the Glide Leg Vise:

"When I saw and used this vise for the first time, I ordered one on the spot. I didn't have a bench in mind. I didn't have the money. And I didn't care. It's that cool."

Christopher Schwarz
The Workbench Design Book

Chris' review of his Benchcrafted Tail Vise can be seen HERE.

"Everything about this tool is built to last and no compromises were made in its construction. The proof is in the using and this tool does not disappoint in it's function."

Ron Brese

"The hardware was very well machined and very well packaged. I know this is going to sound odd, but I always note how things are packaged. If the person took care with their packaging and packing, it usually suggests to me that they take pride in their work and more often than not, my expectations with the contents are exceeded. This hardware was no exception. Everything moved extremely well, smoothly and without slop. The instructions were very clear and I really appreciated the fact that there were many photos and descriptions of the left handed version. Thanks for that Jameel! Now that the vise is installed I am even more impressed. It works like a dream and I cannot wait to try it out. It has a tremendous capacity in that it has a very long travel distance. I also like the fact that the traveler is 1-3/4" wide which means I can clamp any thing up to 1-3/4" thick vertically."

Konrad Sauer

"I knew how incredible the vises were when I ordered them. But what did surprise me, actually, was how easy they are to install. Jameel's instructions are ludicrously complete, including outstanding templates, a video or two, and page upon page of photos, step-by-steps, and recommendations. I suspect this vise is pretty much immune to sagging. Did I mention that already? Yup – this is the ultimate wagon vise – and for my money it’s the ultimate tail vise in general. Glide Leg vise: what can I say about this. If you've seen the video for it, all I can tell you is that it's completely accurate. You just give that wheel a spin like your name was Vanna and whoosh! Next thing you know your workpiece is locked in."

Raney Nelson

"With a frame featuring massive timbers joined with pegged mortises and tenon joints and a top made from 4" thick hard maple, my planing bench will be as solid as a tree stump under the most vigorous planing action. The top, as well as the shoulder (leg) and tail vise hardware, were manufactured by Jameel Abraham of Benchcrafted."

Jim Tolpin
from Jim's 2010 book The New Traditional Woodworker

For years we’ve watched the quality of vise hardware decline as old-school factories closed. This year we’ve had a renaissance with some new vise makers coming onto the scene, including Lie-Nielsen Toolworks.

One of the most delightful newcomers has been Benchcrafted, a small Midwestern company that makes a simply awesome tail vise. I installed the tail vise onto my workbench and was blown away by how smoothly it moves and how firmly it grabs the work. Plus, unlike a traditional tail vise, this unit won’t sag.

Everyone who visits our shop wants one. This is a lifetime vise.

Popular Woodworking Magazine Best New Tools of 2009

"I’ve been using the Glide for about three months, and it’s a beauty – not just in its looks but also in how it works. If you’re in the market for a leg vise, the Glide is worth a look."

Megan Fitzpatrick, Editor
Popular Woodworking Magazine

In 2010 Kelley Mehler's Woodworking School built several of our Split-Top Roubo benches with vises. The benches are a permanent part of the school's workshop.

Mag-Blok Comments:

We're extremely happy to have been reviewed by Dan of Dan's Data, an excerpt: "If you're looking for an elegant magnetic rack for kitchen knives, or any other items that are ferromagnetic ...., then this is the rack you're looking for....the Mag-Blok gets a Recommended from me."

MAKE: Magazine
review, check it out here.

"....I did indeed receive the knife magnet "blok." I love it--. It's a lovely design and solves a big problem for us and our overcrowded knife drawer! "
Peter Reinhart, Internationally Acclaimed Baker, Writer & Winner of a 2002 James Beard Award

"I've been in the market for a small knife rack that would hold some if my heavier/thicker knives that won't fit in my block. I've had the messermeister super knife rack for a while but was never comfortable with the metal coming into contact with my knives....Always worried me that I'd chip it. I got the small 12" rack and I must say it's quite nice.....The finish is very smooth and well done. Nicely made. I tested all sorts of knives small/large, carbon/stainless and they all adhere to the rack with good strength."
Bob W., San Diego

"MAG-BLOKs are just an incredible product, and I am really pleased with mine....I don't know how they manage to get such strong magnets in these things, but man after putting it up last night I was impressed all over again!"
David S., Frederick, MD

"....the MAG-BLOKs themselves, they are excellent!!! I was very impressed with the build quality and professionalism. It is very difficult to see even where the magnets were installed. The mounting hardware is nice quality brass......if anybody is on the fence about this product, take my word for it, its definitely worth the price. Truly a great product."
Dave B., New Jersey

"I got mine in last week. Really great workmanship--I can't even tell where the cut is made to insert the magnets. Magnets are perfect strength. I haven't mounted mine yet, but I've been looking for a good magnetic knife rack for awhile and looks like I finally got what I was looking for. Might have to buy another one for my EDC stuff."
Stacey S., Mililani, HI

"...When you first pick it up you’re immediately impressed with its weight. While it looks like a block of fine wood its heft indicates that there’s more here than meets the eye...I’m very happy to have had a chance to check out the Benchcrafted MAG-BLOK and I can see a couple more of them in my future for use in my den and down in my workshop too!"
Tim S., Pittsburgh, PA